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Simplified Tuition

The simplified tuition rate for grades TK-8 combines the cost of most educational field trips that are part of our curriculum, miscellaneous fees, and classroom supplies. Tuition for grades 9-12 does not include miscellaneous fees and school-related trips. 

Click here to view next school year's Tuition Fees and charges in our 2022-2023 Financial Brochure


Tuition Rates for the 2021-2022 School Year

Constituent Patrons

* Members of a Seventh-day Adventist Church




Yearly Tuition



Monthly Tuition

Billed July-May


Non-Constituent Patrons




Yearly Tuition



Monthly Tuition

Billed July-May


International Patrons



Yearly Tuition


The annual tuition amount is the cost of attending RAA for a school year. For your convenience, the annual tuition charge is divided into 11 installments and billed July through May. The monthly installment plan is designed to divide the cost over 11 months and does not signify the cost per month to attend RAA. A monthly statement will be emailed to the financially responsible party. Tuition payments are due and payable according to your FACTS payment schedule.

No refund will be given for extended absences or vacation periods.

Redlands Adventist Academy does not want finances to be an obstacle that prevents a student from receiving a Christian education at RAA. There are sources of tuition aid available which are outlined in the Financial Aid & Scholarship Program page. The enrollment and aid assessment applications online must be completed to be considered for financial assistance. You maximize your access to financial assistance by applying early.

Annual Tuition

A discount of $150 per student will be applied for families choosing the annual tuition plan in FACTS.  The deadline to signup for this plan is July 10, 2021. 

Families are encouraged to pay online using FACTS Family Portal (ParentsWeb). Payment methods are ACH, credit, or debit cards.  You may also pay with a check or cash at the business office. Two-party and post-dated checks are not accepted. 

For grades TK-8, the cost of educational field trips (except for those listed below) have been included in the cost of tuition. The following are estimates to help you with planning. Prices are subject to change.

Junior High

$170 ♦ Junior High Bible Conference
$1,600 ♦ 8th Grade Washington DC Trip
$200 ♦ JH Varsity
$20 ♦ P.E. Uniform (Grades 7-12)

High School

$40 / Class ♦ Band, Choir, Bell Choir
$50 / Semester ♦ Science Lab Fee
$25 ♦ National Honor Society (Grades 10-12)
$400 ♦ 9th Grade Biology Trip
$400 ♦ Senior Class Trip
$65 ♦ Publication Workshop
$375 ♦ High School Music Tour
$250 ♦ Varsity Sports (excluding Softball & Baseball)
$300 ♦ Varsity Softball & Baseball
$100 ♦ AP Test
$20 ♦ PSAT
$60 ♦ SAT
$10 ♦ Detention

*Special enrollment & miscellaneous trips are not included at this time.


There is a late pick-up charge of $10 per 5 minutes.  Charges will be posted to the account.

RAA Cafe is currently not offering hot lunch until further notice. 


The cost of elementary textbooks and workbooks are included in tuition.

Junior High & High School

Students in grades 7-12 are required to purchase their own textbook materials from a vendor of their choice. Required online textbooks and resources are usually purchased by the school and will be charged to student accounts at the beginning of the school year. Please see the 7-12 textbook list for up-to-date information.

The Scrip program and other school-sponsored fundraisers designated for the benefit of the students are an easy and effective way to earn money. Credits earned will be posted in FACTS and may be used for field trips or tuition.  Fundraising credits may be used to pay off any balance on the account at the end of the year.  Credits earned that are not applied to tuition or other charges are NOT refundable. 

Students on an I-20 visa are required to pay a $350 non-refundable fee with the application. Once the student is accepted, the student must pay the international tuition rate, prior to the issuance of the I-20 visa. Other fees including trips, varsity, and textbooks are not included in the cost of tuition.