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Redlands Adventist Academy is committed to providing a K-12 Christian learning environment that focuses on academic excellence using a balanced, whole child approach to nurture mental, physical, and spiritual growth. To this end, the administration and faculty at RAA engage in the ongoing process of evaluating the curriculum and instructional practices implemented in each classroom to ensure that each student is engaged, challenged, and supported in their academic journey. 


When evaluating curriculum and instructional practices, RAA's administration and faculty consider the following factors: 

  • Is there alignment with current research for best practices in the classroom?
  • Is there a coordinated progression of instruction across the grade levels?
  • Does the curriculum promote critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity?
  • Does the curriculum uphold high academic standards?
  • Does the curriculum align with a Christian world view?

At Redlands Adventist Academy, we understand that top quality education takes intentionality and a sharp focus on best instructional practices. To support teachers in the delivery of instruction that meets these criteria, Redlands Adventist Academy employs an Instructional Coach.  This individual partners with faculty members to encourage and support classroom practices that advance student learning.


Learn more about our program and find out why year after year RAA students
excel on standardized assessments such as the Iowa Assessment,
PSAT, SAT and Advanced Placement Exams


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