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Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs


FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment will be conducting the financial need analysis for Redlands Adventist Academy for the upcoming school year. FACTS makes quality education affordable for families by assisting schools in awarding financial aid. FACTS collects financial data so that Redlands Adventist Academy can make accurate award decisions based on financial need. Families applying for financial aid will need to complete an application and submit the necessary supporting documentation to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to be considered for financial assistance.

Financial Aid & Scholarship Information

    • Some constituent churches provide tuition assistance to eligible members. Please contact your local church pastor or administrator for further information.

    • Paperwork Needed:
      • Contact your local church
      Due Date/Deadline:
      • Deadlines vary by church.
      • Inquire at your local church in early summer.
  • Category: Financial Aid & Scholarship Programs
  • Due Date: 6/1/2019
  • Amount: Dependent on Church
      • Must be a member of a constituent church in the Southeastern California Conference.
      • Qualifying churches may apply for assistance for eligible students.
    • Paperwork Needed:
      • Please contact your local church pastor or administrator for more details.
      Due Date/Deadline:
      • Contact your local church
  • Category: Financial Aid & Scholarship Programs
  • Due Date: 7/1/2019
  • Amount: Based on SECC
    • Parents and legal guardians have been given a sacred responsibility to provide for the education of their children. The following criteria have been developed to determine eligibility for tuition assistance.


      1. The RAA online application must be completed including the non-refundable $150 deposit.
      2. Parents must complete and submit the FACTS Grant & Aid application and all requested documentation in order to demonstrate financial need. Applications should be submitted by July 1st to ensure that the scholarship can begin by the start of school. Applications submitted at a later date are still accepted.
      3. Assistance is only given for tuition. Fees are not included and remain the responsibility of the parents along with all other charges.
      4. If the Worthy Student Committee approves the application, the parents must pay tuition, fees, plus any other school expense month by month, on time, as a condition to any scholarship assistance.
      5. Assistance provided by RAA is a shared responsibility. This means the parent must pay some of the tuition bill. Other sources of support do not release the parent from paying for some of the bill.
      6. The information on this application will be available to the Worthy Student Committee. Additional information may be requested by the committee if necessary. The Worthy Student Committee will review all requests, approve or deny requests, set the assistance level, and monitor the plan throughout the year.
      7. The Worthy Student Committee reserves the right to make decisions as seen best for both the families served and the school. The decisions of the Worthy Student Committee are final and not subject to appeal to any other governing body.
      8. Parents must be supportive of the faculty and school programs.
      9. Students are expected to maintain a “C” grade average and remain in good social standing within the school. Assistance may be canceled in cases of poor academic or behavioral performance.
      10. Tuition assistance is granted for the current academic year and expires at the end of the academic year or earlier if the student no longer attends. This grant can be revoked at any time if any of the conditions above are not met. The Worthy Student Committee or other governing committees reserve the right to review and change any scholarship granted.
      11. The Worthy Student Committee grants aid based on the income threshold as defined by SECC Low Income Assistance requirements, other scholarships received, payment history on student account, and the family situation.

      RAA wants to partner with you to ensure that your child can receive a quality Seventh-day Adventist Christian education.

    • Paperwork Needed:
      • FACTS Grant & Aid Application
  • Category: Financial Aid & Scholarship Programs
  • Due Date: 7/1/2020
  • Amount: TBD
  *For additional information, please inquire at the business office.
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