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Continuous Enrollment 

At Redlands Adventist Academy (RAA), we recognize and appreciate the value of a sustained, long-term partnership with families in the education of their children.  This is why we have adopted a Continuous Enrollment (CE) system whereby students will be continuously enrolled at RAA until 12th-grade graduation unless otherwise notified by the parent/guardian.  We are thankful that the vast majority of RAA families choose to remain at RAA through 12th grade, so we are offering a simple, seamless process for you to keep your child(ren) enrolled with us!  

If your child is planning on returning to RAA the following year, THERE IS NOTHING YOU NEED TO DO.  They are automatically re-enrolled and Continuous Enrollment Fees will be applied to your account as outlined in our Continuous Enrollment Timeline (further below). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Continuous enrollment eliminates the tedious process of filling out online enrollment forms every year and creates a simple opt-out option to withdraw from RAA. With continuous enrollment, your child's enrollment contract will remain in effect from the initial year of enrollment until

(1) he or she graduates from RAA, or

(2) you opt not to have the contract renew for an upcoming school year.

The Continuous Enrollment Fee let's RAA know that you are committed to having your children enrolled with us for the next school year. It is non-refundable and holds your place for enrollment the following year.  This will be CHARGED to your account on April 1st and May 1st and DUE April 25th and May 25th. 

Your child's enrollment spot is no longer guaranteed once the billed Continuous Enrollment fee becomes overdue. 

RAA makes decisions related to hiring staff, classes, and purchasing curriculum and materials based on anticipated enrollment.   Your future plans influence our current decisions.  If you choose to withdraw from RAA for the next school year, please contact RAA's Enrollment Director (Chaltu Sandiford - and be mindful of the following dates: 

  • On or before March 31: You will NOT be contractually obligated to pay Continuous Enrollment Fee, Tuition, and Fees for next school year. 
  • Between March 31 and July 1: You will NOT be contractually obligated to pay tuition and fees for the next school year.  However, you will forfeit the nonrefundable Continuous Enrollment Fee. 

RAA will post our Financial Brochure for the following year that includes Tuition and Fees on our website at the end of February every year.  An email reminder will go out with a link to this information.  

The Business Office will email additional information about the financial aid process as it relates to Continuous Enrollment families currently receiving aid.  If you are applying for the first time or have additional questions, please contact Luisa Desia, Business Manager at or 909-793-1000. 

Yes, financial aid applications still need to be submitted through FACTS every year to receive aid for the successive school year. 

To opt-out for the following school year, you must submit a request in writing to the school at 

Please note, to avoid being responsible for Continuous Enrollment Fees, students must opt-out during our opt-out window of March 1 - March 31. 

Please contact Luisa Desia, Business Manager at or 909-793-1000 with any additional questions.