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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math



Redlands Adventist Academy provides a balanced learning
environment including STEAM education to prepare its
students for the careers of the future. 
STEAM education is an integrated approach to learning
that encourages students to think broadly.

Technology in the STEAM Lab

Digital Fluency

Elementary students visit the STEAM lab weekly where they practice keyboarding skills, Windows navigation, and Google Docs and Google Slides tasks appropriate to their grade level.  

Digital Learning

When elementary students have developed basic computer skills they learn simple animation concepts in the STEAM lab. They develop slide shows demonstrating how they can use that knowledge to tell a story.  The next step is learning block coding using Scratch.  

Digital Citizenship

In the STEAM lab, students learn that using technology also means being a responsible digital citizen.  This responsibility includes things like practicing good digital manners, knowing how to be safe when using the internet, being aware of laws regarding digital content, and how to keep healthy boundaries while using computers.

Applied Technology

Students in grades 1-6 complete projects using Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math in increasing levels of difficulty starting with paper airplanes and air-powered rockets.  They progress to steamboats, sailboats, mousetrap-powered cars, and basic electronics.

Technology in the Classrooms

Access to Technology

Redlands Adventist Academy provides a computer lab for elementary students to use with their teachers.  Teachers have their student engage in online research, computer-assisted learning through MobyMax, BrainPOP, and Accelerated Reader as well as other subject-specific assignments.  

All classrooms are equipped with projectors and document cameras.  In addition, classrooms have several tablets available for student use.

Grade 5 and 6 students bring their own tablet or laptop to school to facilitate completing assignments as given by teachers.  Each student learns how to manage their own Google Classroom account, including submitting assignments online.

STEAM Projects
Elementary teachers regularly assign projects that integrate STEAM elements.

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