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In our new virtual school environment, SECC Office of Education wanted to create a "chapel" experience for our kids to engage with each week.  Introducing "Grounded Stories".   The episodes are kid-focused and made to be kind of like an Adventures in Odyssey style storytelling show to address some of the issues arising in our changing world.  

If you have an apple device you can click on the link below to hear it in your Apple Podcasts app.  If you don't have an Apple device, please visit the Grounded Podcast Website ( to pick from the variety of other podcast apps that are available on the right side of that website.  Note:  this is a podcast created by the elementary chaplain at LLA so that's why the podcast app directs you to LLA's website.  The content, however, is made for all of the students in the SECC.  

Click here for the Apple Podcast App Link

We miss all of your kids and hope that this will be a way to connect with them on a spiritual level each week like we usually did in chapel.

-SECC Office of Education:

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